Tell Me This is a Dream   Eyes  -a sci-fi/thiller independent film from Midnight Storm Productions


Reese Barrett

Drugs Destroy Families     Supporting
Monster Mash                  Supporting
Film Institution               Supporting
Operation Parking Lot       Lead
The Book of Tobit            Supporting
Romeo and Juliet             Supporting
Picasso at the Lapine Agile              Freddie  
Voices from the High School             Stephen, Bobby and Tedd 
Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon        Wolf and the Prince
Murders in the Heir                         Bensonhurst the butler 
96,000                                          Dancer/chorus  

Eero Johnson
Eero Johnson (pronounced 'arrow')

The Eldridge Estate (short)     Christian
The Manifesto                           Dr. Jay Rubenstein
Code Duello (short)                  Ash
Bloody Mary                              Ricky "Railroad" Reynolds
Uniforms                                    K.P.

Kent Loomer
Kent Loomer


Gothingham (Episode 2 & 3) Detective Garvey  
Frisbee (short) Wade Simpson  
21 and Over Campus Cop  
Re-enactors Camp Cook  


The Cody Rivers Show  Daniel  
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Our cast can hardly wait to start shooting! THANK YOU for supporting the visual arts!


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