Tell Me This is a Dream   Eyes  -a sci-fi/thiller independent film from Midnight Storm Productions

Principle Cast

Shawn Burke
Shawn Burke - Shawn - Co-Lead
Drugs Destroy Families, Hallow Treat
Shawn is the serious kid. As the first one to discover the potential threat, he should be taken more seriously...

Caleb Weathers
Caleb Weathers - Ryan - Co-Lead
Shift Paradigm, Skull Kid: A Zelda Legend, M is for Mackinaw
Ryan is the goof-off that keeps Shawn from being too serious. Over the course of the film, he is forced to grow up, fast.

Actor from TV's 24 - can't reveal until funded!
Numerous prestigious playhouses, movies and TV
He will be the small town's Sheriff, Ben.

Mick Michaels
Mick Michaels - Deputy Everett
When we first screen tested Mick, it was clear that he had an amazing range. He'll be utilizing it in Eyes. Mick has acted in numerous shorts and commercials.

Supporting Cast (alphabetically)

Reese Barrett
Reese has numerous stage and film credits; most
recently as a key character in a Public Service Announcement
for the Whatcom County Health Department.

Tabitha Bastien - Shawn's Mom
TV's Epytombs  The Anatomy of Monsters, Phoenix Run
Tabitha is serious about her work - and word is getting around. This will be the second time she's played Shawn's mom.
IMDB link:

Isabelle Bushue - Leah (Emmy's best friend)
Theater: A Chorus Line, Lead: Hamlet, A Haunting We Will Go, Wonderland! Film: June, Sheep in Wolves Clothes
A multi-talented actress with some serious dancing skills, Isabelle will be turning some heads of her own.

ronee collins
Ronee Collins

Rachelle Henry - Emmy (both boys' love interest)
TV's Highlander: Dark Beginnings and Escaping the Prophet
Rachelle is a singer, dancer and actor with much training and experience in her young life. Her bubbly personality will embody Emmy well.
IMDB link:

Eero Johnson
Eero Johnson
Eero has acted in numerous shorts as well as features, and has filled many crew roles as well. His well-rounded experience is just what this team needs.

Kent Loomer
Kent Loomer
Kent has acted in projects including TV shows and shorts, and is an improv artist extraordinaire. His abilities will be well suited for Eyes.

Earl Reid

With numerous credits over many years, Earl's experience includes both stage and film acting. His uninhibited energy will shine through in his acting.

Elizabeth Rhoades

Credits too numerous to list here. A multi-talented actress.

 Avielle Heath doing some set decoration.

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Thank you for your interest in the visual arts and EYES!


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