Tell Me This is a Dream   Eyes  -a sci-fi/thiller independent film from Midnight Storm Productions

    Jim Pidgeon

    Jim Pidgeon 

  • Jim has been a successful film producer since 1999. He works as a commercial and feature producer creating TV spots, shorts, commercials and promotional spots, as well as a feature film, Desolation: a Comedy. Jim holds a Visual Communications Degree, and has several feature films in development.
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    James Burke
  •   James Burke

    James has been in various roles in films for 25 years. What began as a musical interest (scoring student films) flowered into writing, assistant directing, and finally directing. Having assisted with two features and numerous smaller projects, he moved on to do several shorts of his own. He's ready to step up to a feature-length project of his own.
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Bob Ridgley

Bob Ridgely

Bob operates Binary Recording Studios, where he has done sound work for 25 years on projects ranging from garage bands to feature films, with many projects for NPR and PBS. He loves the people, the collaboration, the end product. Since poor sound is one thing that audiences won't forgive, Bob's ability to accurately record sound on set, then mix and master it, is essential.

Binary Recording Studio

Tylor Jones

Tylor Jones

Eric Chauvin

Eric Chauvin    Eric's work

Laurel Schulze

painting fishboy

Laurel has worked in the art department on shorts, commercials and features. She has been applying makeup effects for years, as well as overseeing makeup, wardrobe, hair and props departments.



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